Creating More confident dogs

Let your dog spend their day with us learning important skills and having fun! Small class size, a safe environment, a staff of canine behavior experts plus a thoughtful curriculum makes this program truly What Dogs Want!

Along with our unique curriculum of games and activities, what makes us unique and effective is the continual feedback each dog receives throughout their day. We are keen observers and use this to let the dogs know what we LOVE about what they are doing with a thumbs up, ‘good pup!’ or piece of liver treat. We will also redirect dogs that are not choosing desired behaviors towards something a little more constructive and polite.
Just like humans, dogs need socialization or with each other. When dogs play or interact with each other, they are supervised 100% and receive continual feedback about their behavior. If their play is mutual, fun and safe they are allowed to continue. If their play or interactions with others is one-sided, bossy or bully-ish they are told that too and are redirected or removed to settle.
We have smart dogs, silly dogs, headstrong dogs, introverted dogs, extroverted dogs, highly sensitive dogs and dogs that do not know they have back feet. We tailor our program to accommodate each dogs’ needs so they get the most out of their day here. Enrichment is only enriching if it is fun and enhances life.
After almost 10 years of experience working with groups of dogs in a unique, intimate setting like this, we know what maximizes fun and learning with minimal chaos and stress for all dogs. We do not believe there are “bad” dogs or “good” dogs. There are just dogs whose behavior and personality is a combination of their learning, experiences, genetics, and their individual, unique self. It is our job to understand your dog’s needs, understand what they are trying to communicate to us and the other dogs, ensure your dog is comfortable here, leaves with positive experiences, and receives tailored “educational fun” that helps bring out their best. This is What Dogs Want.