PRIVATE appointments


If your dog is not ready to be a part of a classroom, is dog reactive, dog selective, or even dog aggressive, they will benefit greatly from mental and physical engagement. In fact, enrichment is crucial for their health and happiness. What Dogs Want now offers private tutoring working with dogs in 60- or 90-minute sessions to meet their enrichment needs. We will talk with you to discuss your goals and any challenges you may be having so we can tailor an enrichment plan that best meets your dogs’ needs. This initial consultation is free of charge.

In-your-home tutoring is offered Tuesday-Thursday. One of our enrichment experts will come to your home and work with your dog on fun but purposeful activities and games that engage both mind and body. You do not need to be present. 60- or 90-minute sessions are available. 


Why work with a Family Dog Mediator? Family Dog Mediation is based on Kim Brophy’s LEGS model of behavior. This approach takes into account a dog’s Learning Environment, Genetics, and Self. Certified or Licensed FDMs are specially educated in the science of LEGS and applied ethology as it relates to the welfare of the modern pet dog.

Family Dog Mediation goes to the heart of behavior problems at their source. Being a dog in the 21st century comes with any number of complicating variables.  FDM principles are based on sound, well-established science and we are here to make the world a better place for dogs and those that love them. 

Email: with your questions or to schedule an appointment.