Dogs on the Beach!

I think many of us are reminiscing about places we have visited, longing to be able to travel and have more adventures again. As a Phoenix native, I have been dreaming of spending time on a beach, packing up the pups, having fun digging in the sand, splashing in the water and relaxing. This made …

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Manners vs. Obedience

Obedience is defined as: the state or quality of being obedient. In dog world, obedience training consists of teaching a dog to obey commands to show good behavior. This may consist of things like sitting and lying down on command, or coming when called. This is all fine and good and is important if you …

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The Importance of Enrichment for Dogs

To enrich is to add greater value or significance to something. Enrichment for dogs can be anything that provides mental or physical stimulation for them. Providing this enrichment is important because it can help a dog learn to focus, develop impulse control and overall confidence. It also reduces stress and boredom which can lead to …

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