Enrichment-on beyond kong

Beyond Kong-What is Canine Enrichment? Canine enrichment. When I created my first enrichment program for dogs 14 years ago, it was very difficult to explain to people what we did there.  THEM: “So you are a dog daycare?” ME: “No, we are not a doggie daycare.” THEM: “So you train dogs?”  ME: “No, we are …

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The Power of ‘YES’

When we moved into our new enrichment facility in Phoenix, we realized immediately that our neighbors had several dogs. We didn’t hear barking, squeaky toys or grown men talking like little girls asking ‘Who’s a good boy?’ we kept hearing people shouting ‘NO!’ over and over again. It became a bit of an obsession to …

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The Puzzle Time Puzzle

I am often asked how long one should work with their dog on a game or activity. In general, I suggest starting with 5-15 minutes. Your dog will let you know when he or she has had enough. You want your together time to be fun and rewarding, not become a chore or worse-frustrating for …

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